Sunday, May 8, 2022

Top Ten #176

1) Maude: Granted, we didn't exactly love the series on the podcast this week, but it ran 6 seasons and is an essential part of TV history and of course the Learverse. Most important, it gives us an excuse to enjoy this again:

And here's one last promo clip while we're talking about the show:

2) Conrad and Bonar Bain: No explanation necessary. Bonar's season 5 Maude appearance is still officially unavailable on streaming.

3) Bill Macy: Not to be confused with William H. In fact, to make sure you know the difference, here is the latter (and later) Macy:

Here's Bill Macy:

And here's Macy's department store:

4) Mother's Day: Lest you think we're giving the mothers short shrift out there, remember Maude is a mother! In fact, some would say she's a baaaaaad mutha. Happy day to all the mothers out there! Antenna TV is celebrating with a Family Ties marathon, but if you want to have a Maude marathon, we say that's an OK way to commemorate the occasion as well.

5) Dolly Parton: Congratulations to the new Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee!

6) The 12:30-ish CBS time slot: Now that James Corden is leaving The Late Late Show, maybe we can go back to the days of this approach to programming late night:

7) Melissa Gilbert: Happy birthday! Our gift to you: We won't call you "Half-pint" today.

8) Goldie and the Kids: Listen to Us: 40 years ago tonight, CBS started the night with this special featuring Goldie Hawn, a selection of our nation's youth, and Barry Manilow!

9) The 1980 Los Angeles Lakers: Magic Johnson's docuseries is on Apple Plus, and tonight sees the season finale of Winning Time. Where is an update on that 1980s Lakers docuseries on Hulu?

10) David Birney: R.I.P. 

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