Sunday, May 29, 2022

Top Ten #179: Special "Summer is just about here" edition

1) Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends: We had a blast this week on the podcast, and I really think we could have talked for two hours about the series. Hey, could the gang be eligible for a Batty this year?

2) Professor X: He's a class act (You gotta hear the podcast this week for that one).

3) The Incredible Hulk: They said it couldn't be done, but somehow, someway, this 1982 cartoon has tied with Quincy for "most whiny references to it not being available on streaming." Congratulations, 1982 Hulk!

4) Stan Lee: Watching Amazing Friends confirmed for us that Stan the Man narrating just about anything is gold. Heck, Stan just talking is usually pretty cool.

5) Family: I watched the first batch of 6 episodes (originally intended as a limited series, then designated season 1 when the show continued) since the show was leaving Tubi in June. What a shame that Tubi licensed it for less than a year. Hopefully someone else picks it up since as of now, only the first two seasons got DVD releases.

6) Lisa Whelchel: Happy birthday! If you take the good and you take the bad, which category holds Facts of Life and which holds this:

7) Oceans: Silent Crisis: On this night in 1972, ABC News presented this special at 8:00. Narrated by newsman Frank Reynolds, it explored the effects of pollution on the world's oceans. 

Very noble, yes, but I bet most people watched reruns of Gunsmoke or Laugh-In instead. If only it were narrated by Stan Lee.

8) Love, American Style: Decades has a marathon this weekend, which by my calculation means approximately 89 episodes, 547 segments, and 213 of them featuring Jo Anne Worley.

9) You Can't Do That on Television: Shout out to Toy Galaxy for an interesting recent YouTube video exploring the surprisingly convoluted history of the Eighties Nickolodeon hit.

10) R.I.P. Ray Liotta and Bo Hopkins: Before breaking through as a movie actor, Liotta had recurring roles on several TV series, including Another World and the David Soul 1983 Casablanca series.

Hopkins had a recurring role on Dynasty in addition to a long movie and TV acting career.

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