Saturday, May 21, 2022

YouTube Spotlight: Siskel and Ebert and Lyons and Gabler on the same weekend in May 1985

We're doing something a little different this week: Instead of spotlighting a video in this week's Siskel and Ebert playlist, we are presenting two distinct but connected videos. Here are two movie review shows from the same weekend in May 1985, At the Movies with Gene and Roger...

and Sneak Previews from PBS with Jeffrey Lyons and Neal Gabler:

Note that the movie selection isn't identical, but you do get to see both shows look at Rambo and Brewster's Millions. I want to let you judge for yourself, but to me you can really see the difference in connection with the viewing audience and likability. And how about Gabler criticizing Brewster's Millions because Richard Pryor "isn't Black" in it?!

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