Monday, May 16, 2022

Two from TwoMorrows Publishing

Two new publications arrived here from the great folks at TwoMorrows Publishing, and each has my strong recommendation. The latest issue of RetroFan is low on material with a direct connection to BOTNS-era TV, but it is still a lot of fun. Andy Mangels' story on The Lone Ranger covers his Filmation cartoon as well as the character's other media incarnations, and that is the most relevant for our purposes.

However, there is plenty of other entertaining stuff, like the bio of cover boy Sergio Aragones, the piece on mail-order contests, Moe Howard, the origins of G.I. Joe (the toy line), and much more! It's another fun effort with a lot of good stuff.

Next up, a book I pre-ordered a looong time ago because I was excited as soon as I learned about it, yet I haven't dived into it yet. Why? I want to set time aside to savor it. It's a book that I could have requested be written: American TV Comic Books.

I tell you, the book is in my hands now (making it tough to type), and it is gorgeous. The TwoMorrows books combine superb info and writing with awesome visual design. 

I just turned to a random page (Well, not totally random; I went to the back to get a page from the BOTNS era) and found a look at the Charlton Emergency! series. There is so much cool stuff in here and plenty of pictures. The book is structured kind of like an encyclopedia, with individual entries arranged chronologically instead of alphabetically.

Now that I open the book again, I gotta forget my "find perfect time to savor this" strategy and start reading it! 

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