Tuesday, July 5, 2022

High School USA--Just how old were these folks, anyway?

You may be wondering, just how old were these stars in High School USA (both versions)? Well, I was. I thought it would be a useful resource to list some of the main performers and their ages at the time of the first High School USA (October 1983). 

There is no deep thinking in this post. There isn't even much shallow thinking. I just liked seeing, hey, Dwayne Hickman was almost two decades older than Angela Cartwright! Julie Newmar was only a year older than Burt Ward! Tom Villard was pushing 30! 

(Ages from IMDB)

Bob Denver: 48
Dawn Wells: 44
Elinor Donahue: 46
Harriet Nelson: 74
David Nelson: 46
Rick Nelson: 43
Barbara Billingsley: 67
Frank Bank: 41
Ken Osmond: 40
Tony Dow: 38
Jerry Mathers: 45
Dwayne Hickman:49
Steve Franken: 51
Angela Cartwright: 30
Henry Gibson: 48
Julie Newmar: 49
Burt Ward: 48
Paul Petersen: 48
Barry Livingston: 29

The next generation:

Michael J. Fox: 22
Nancy McKeon: 17 (that one really stunned me)
Anthony Edwards: 21
Todd Bridges: 18
Dana Plato: 18
Crispin Glover: 19
Michael Zorek: 23
Crystal Bernard: 22
Cathy Silvers: 22
Lauri Hendler: 18
Jon Gries: 26
Tom Villard: 29
Melody Anderson (sort of): 27

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