Sunday, July 31, 2022

Top Ten #188: Special "There goes July" edition!

1) The Fame Game: This week's bonus episode features an unprecedented feat, a popular subject, and a whole lot of quasi-relevant discussion!

2) National Mutt Day:

3) Barry Van Dyke: Happy birthday to one of the stars of Galactica 1980!

4) Rickey Henderson: I just finished Howard Bryant's excellent new biography Rickey, and it has me seeking out clips of my favorite 1980s ballplayer:

5) Bob Uecker: Speaking of baseball, thanks to an MLB.TV free preview after the All-Star Game, I was able to hear a bit of him doing play by play for the Brewers. He's still getting it done at 88 years old Congrats to Ueck, and if you want more of him, we suggest his Greatest Sports Legends episode. Right now, though, it's an excuse to post a Miller Lite commercial!

6) Jim Colucci's Love Boat book: His Golden Girls Forever is an outstanding book, and I have been waiting for his upcoming Love Boat book. Well, I don't know when it's coming, but at least in his appearance on TV Confidential to talk about the All in the Family book he did with Norman Lear, he said he put that one aside to work with Lear. Well, OK, I guess that's semi-acceptable, but we want our Love Boat book!

7) Andrea Martin: It was great seeing her in a small (so far?) role on this week's Only Murders in the Building.

8) NFL Films: This is a very sports-centric list this week! I include this one because I hope that for 5 bucks a month, NFL Plus includes lots and lots of stuff from the NFL Films library, not just the 21-st century shows it seems to offer right now.

9) Pluto: 40 years ago tonight, NBC's Wonderful World of Disney paid tribute to Pluto with a collection of shorts featuring Mickey's lovable pal.

10) RIP: Bernard Cribbins, Mary Alice, Burt Metcalfe, Paul Sorvino, David Warner, Tony Dow: And no offense to anyone we missed, but it was a tough week. Special nod to Dow, who we just talked about this season in our High School USA episode. Here's a look at a lesser-known Sorvino project, a short-lived Quinn Martin production:

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