Saturday, July 16, 2022

YouTube Spotlight:

One of the more interesting clips in our YouTube playlist for this week's Kolchak episode of the podcast is this opening from 1973 ABC sitcom Here We Go Again:

What is this 13-episode failed show doing in the Kolchak list? Well, note that supporting Larry Hagman and Diane Baker are Nita Talbot and Dick Gautier, both of whom appear in the 'Werewolf" episode we discuss on the pod. They ain't in this clip, though!

The series debuted midseason 1972-1973 and was the lowest-rated show that season according to Wikipedia. ABC moved Kung Fu to Thursdays and inserted this and another sitcom flop, A Touch of Grace, into the 8:00 hour to go against CBS' Saturday night sitcom lineup (led by All in the Family and NBC's Emergency.

Back to Here We Go Again: Harry and Wally's Favorite TV Shows has an interesting summary of the series, speculating that the types of relationships depicted here might have been better suited for primetime soaps. The authors say the show is funny but that "divorce comedy" scenarios like this are easier to make work in movies than in TV series, especially when the ultimate pair is already together (like Hagman and Baker are at the beginning of this).

Another interesting note they add: "Oddly, Nita Talbot found herself observing another split couple (but with a more believable continuing friendship between them) in the late 1980s comedy Starting from Scratch." Here's a look at that one, which aired in first-run syndication in 1988:

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