Sunday, July 10, 2022

Top Ten #185

1) The year 1977: Our TV Guide game bonus episode this week took us back to the year 1977. Some notable series that premiered just weeks after the listings we examined. Click the title to get to our episode covering it:

Soap, Lou Grant, CHiPs, The Love Boat, Fantasy Island, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Well, we haven't done that last one yet, but again I plead with Disney Plus to add it!

Note the CHiPs episode is the second of two we have done; the first one we did is here!

2) Ethel Merman: Yes, that's right! After a too-long absence, her performance at Evening at the Pops merits a return to the top ten!

Of course, we're not playing that. We're playing THIS:

3) Robert Pine: HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the legend, the man whom the Genius Award is named after, the former Gertraer, Robert Pine!

4) Victory Garden: There isn't much coverage of gardening shows in TV history, but at least we got a little bit in this week.

5) Charles Dickens: We are nothing here at BOTNS if not literary. Hey, I wrote about TWO Bob Hope books and TWO Garry Shandling books this season! That Dickens guy (the subject of Dickens of London, which we discussed this week on the pod) wrote some wild stuff, too, let me tell ya.

6) The A-Team: A funny article on MeTV's site this week celebrated the theme talking about how it ripped off "Sunshine of Your Love."

7) Golden Girls 3033: This is one of the best things I have ever seen, and I will say no more. Just watch this:

8) Henry Winkler and Ted Danson: On The Ringer's The Town podcast this week, Matthew Belloni and Lacy Rose listed their picks for the nicest people in Hollywood, and they disqualified these two for being, well, old (I think), but Belloni gave Winkler and Danson credit for being acclaimed as two of the nicest guys around.

9) Pina Colada Day:

10) R.I.P.: Larry Storch, Jimmy Caan, Tony Sirico:

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