Sunday, July 17, 2022

Top Ten #186

1) Kolchak the Night Stalker: Our podcast subject this week holds up better than I might have expected, but who cares what I say? It's a beloved cult show that has a big following nearly 50 years later.

2) Darren McGavin: One of those performers who gets the prestigious "would watch him in anything" tag--even in a beer commercial!

3) David Hasselhoff: Happy 70th birthday to the Hoff! Don't we all want him to head out on the beach just one more time with the red tr--nah, let's watch a Knight Rider clip instead.

4) National Tattoo Day: Celebrate!

5) The Munsters: A trailer for the upcoming Rob Zombie take on the series debuted this week:

6) Emmy nominations: Congratulations to Working Stiffs star Michael Keaton (never recognized for that role) for getting a nod for Dopesick.

7) Elmer Fudd: If you consider Egghead the first version of the Fudd character, then Elmer's first appearance was in a Tex Avery cartoon, Egghead Rides Again, released on this date 85 years ago. And, hey, I feel like sharing an Elmer moment today, so let's say that it IS Elmer's birthday!

8) The Waltons, "The Threshold": MeTV ran a story saying Earl Hamner "wrote this episode to combat the rise of reality TV". Now, this episode debuted in 1981, so this is more Real People than Real Housewives.

9) Cozi Condensed Bold: The Cozi website's front page was revamped to spotlight a 3rd Rock from the Sun promotion, but scroll down to the bottom to see that Cozi Condensed Bold starring Michael Landon still remains!

10) R.I.P. Pat John:

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