Sunday, July 3, 2022

Top Ten #184: Special holiday weekend edition!

1) High School USA: What better way to celebrate this holiday weekend than to watch a TV movie from nearly 40 years ago that happens to have "USA" in the title? That's what we thought, too, and we hope you enjoyed the podcast this week.

2) Just about every family sitcom that was in reruns in the Eighties: Because they are represented in the cast of High School USA and its 1984 pilot version! As an example, Elinor Donahue from Father Knows Best:

3) Independence Day: I believe 1984 may have been one of the most American years in history:

4) Michael J. Fox: His star turn in High School USA (1983) becomes even more impressive when you see someone else attempt to take the role in High School USA (1984).

5) ALF: The Animated Series: Remember ALF? He's cartoon form! The Animated Series is now on Shout! Factory TV:

6) Fantasy Island and Family: July looks to be an almost barren month for new-to-streaming BOTNS-era TV (nothwithstanding ALF), but these two Sony shows are back on Tubi after an absence of a couple months.

7) Project UFO: Friend of the Show Steve Cloutier appeared on The Illuminati Social Club podcast to share his thoughts on Jack Webb's 1978 series.

8) Mayflower: The Pilgrims' Adventure: Talk about "filling time": 40 years ago tonight, on a Saturday night, CBS re-ran a 1979 TV movie about the pilgrims. I guess there's a July 4 tie-in, but is the beginning of summer the time to revisit the Mayflower?

9) Salute to a Cockeyed Optimist: 50 years ago tonight, CBS gave us this brand-new special, a star-studded tribute to Oscar Hammerstein.

10) International Drop a Rock Day: Whoa, whoa, whoa! For some of us, the emotional scars from the trauma of "The Great 5K Star Race and Boulder Wrap Party" are still too raw to celebrate dropping a rock.

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