Thursday, July 21, 2022

Show Notes and Video Playlist: Episode 10-11: McMillan and Wife

*McMillan and Wife aired 6 seasons and 40 episodes as part of the NBC Mystery Movie from 1971-1977, though the sixth season without Susan St. James was titled McMillan.

*Here is the video playlist for this week! It is full of goodness for all the little Shucksters out there, plus commercials, promos, and clips from the rare and short-lived programs we mention in the episode! All this plus a clip from Nosey, the Sweetest Skunk in the West AND Rock Hudson sitting down to talk bloopers with Dick Clark!

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*John Schuck did indeed represent Holmes and Yoyo when he appeared on Battle of the Network Stars in 1976.

*The pro football episode Mike mentions is Season 1's "Death is a Seven Point Episode." The :"rare dual role" episodes I mention are Season 2's "Terror Times Two" and Season 3's "Cross and Double Cross."

*Devlin Connection lasted a mere 13 episodes on NBC in Fall 1982. Jack Scalia joined Rock Hudson in the detective show.

*"Cop of the Year" premiered Sunday night, November 19, 1972, at 8:30 EST on NBC as the third episode of the second season.

*Anna and the King, executive produced by Gene Reynolds, lasted only 13 episodes on CBS despite co-starring Yul Brynner and Samantha Eggar.

*Harvey Korman didn't direct a ton of shows in the Seventies but went on to direct 31 episodes of Mama's Family according to IMDB.

*Patton (1970, Fox) won Oscars for Best Picture, Best Director (Franklin Schaffner), and 5 others including Best Actor for star George Patton at the 1971 Academy Awards. Scott, in a famous Oscar moment, declined to accept. 

This first broadcast screening on ABC on 11/19/72 was a huge success and notable for offering a major theatrical release "only" two years after it was in theaters. 

*Nancy Walker left the series after season 5 (along with St. James) to star in The Nancy Walker Show, which lasted only--say it with me--13 episodes on ABC. Schuck's turn in Holmes and Yoyo did not lead to him leaving the series, though his role was reduced in the final season.

*John Astin appeared in two other Season 2 episodes as Sykes and directed two other episodes of the series: The aforementioned "Death Is a Seven Point Favorite" and the first season's "Murder by the Barrel." Later he directed 4 episodes of Holmes and Yoyo!

*The movie director that Mac talks to is played by George Seaton, who directed movies including Miracle on 34th Street, The Country Girl (and he won an Oscar for its screenplay) and Airport.

*Edmond O'Brien (1915-1985) won an Academy Award for 1954's The Barefoot Contessa. He was in a handful of roles after his appearance in "Cop of the Year,"  He retired relatively early in 1974. I wanted to show him some love here since I couldn't find a way to get him into the playlist.

*The article I mention on the pod is by Herbie J. Pilato and is available here.

*Schuck's appearance on Gilbert Gottfried's podcast is right here.

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