Saturday, August 27, 2022

Inside the Guide: August 19-25, 1972 Letters page

Before we say bye-bye to this 50-years-ago issue of TV Guide, I want to share the letters page with you. The readership had some strong opinions in 1972! 

Some strong words for Curt Gowdy there, but some kind ones for Emergency!

You can see that even 50 years ago, people spent time worrying about things that hadn't happened yet. Witness a reader lamenting the butchery of Patton 3 months before it premiered on ABC. The initial TV broadcast did indeed include most of the film's language, though there were a few edits.

And what in the world is up with "petitioners in New York" trying to ban reruns? Can you imagine TV in the Big Apple without The Honeymooners or The Odd Couple? While I like the writer's praise of Bilko, I can't help but think he might not get many others to call for the removal of I Love Lucy for Crusader Rabbit.

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