Sunday, August 14, 2022

Top Ten #190: Special "Hey, season 10 was pretty cool!" edition

1) Little House on the Prairie: As we said on the podcast, we talked about doing this one for a long time, and it was fun to get to it--Well, as fun as it can be watching deadly blizzards, pestilence, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, typhoid...

2) Our 2-11-year-old demographic: We hope they have enjoyed our most 2-11-friendly season yet, with Rankin-Bass, Spidey, Mister Rogers, the Ingalls family, and of course kids love Jeff Goldblum.

3) Michael Landon: Let's acknowledge the man who did it all on Little House: Produce, direct, write, act--often without underwear!

4) Susan Saint James: Happy birthday to one of the stars of McMillan and Wife, a show we spotlighted a few weeks ago!

5) Emergency: The series celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend with a special on COZI and a marathon.

6) Melissa Gilbert/Melissa Sue Anderson/the Greenbush twins: I don't know if we gave them enough due on the podcast this week.

7) College Football '72:  50 years ago tonight, ABC aired this preview of the upcoming season. According to, "Lee Majors hosts (replacing previously announced Chris Schenkel).

Say what? In what universe is Lee Majors waiting in the wings in case something happens to Chris Schenkel? Did Majors ever fill in on pro bowling coverage?

8) Victor French: How can we talk about Little House without talking about the incomparable Victor French? Well, we didn't; we made sure to choose an episode that spotlighted Edwards!

9) Big Ten Basketball on ESPN: The long relationship between the collegiate athletic conference and the 4-letter sports network will end in a couple years, and while many focus on football, don't forget the routine of college hoops on the channel (and ABC). Here's a look at some action from 1989 with Dick Vitale and Keith "Whoalemmetellyabout" Jackson.

10) R.I.P.: Clu Gulager, Roger E. Mosley, Olivia Newton-John: Another rough week for celebrity losses. 

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