Sunday, August 21, 2022

Top Ten #191: Special Wilt Chamberlain's Birthday Edition!

1) TV Guide: As the jingle told us, nothing gets you into it like TV Guide! Unfortunately, that jingle wasn't around in 1972, which is what we are exploring this week, but how about this:

2) Rod Amateau: This week's Secret Galaxy video looks at the failure of The Garbage Pail Kids Movie and in so doing relates some not-so-great info about director Amateau. Believe it or not, Rod didn't have a strong attachment to the GPK franchise.

Of course, BOTNS listeners remember Rod's work on High School USA!

3) Harry O: Decades has a marathon of the show this weekend. Let's hope they don't cut too much. Some of the best parts are Harry's soliloquies that aren't necessarily directly tied to the plot.

4) Lt. Uhura: When Nichelle Nichols died recently, we heard about how she influenced a generation, but here is some actual proof--an article about her contributions and a promotional video from the Smithsonian:

4) National Senior Citizens Day: Celebrate by being kind to the senior in your life--maybe even inviting your grandpa to stay with you in your off-campus apartment:

5) Big Ten: Congrats to the conference for striking it rich with a huge new TV deal that will involve 3 different broadcast networks (but not longtime partner ABC):

6) Sacheen Littlefeather: The Motion Picture Academy apologized to her for her treatment at the 1973 Oscars. It's still OK to mock Marlon Brando, though.

7) Sesame Street: HBO Max deleted hundreds of episodes without notice, and of course they were the older ones that I'd want to watch. I mean, I wasn't watching them, but I would want to. Let's hope this is temporary and that they aren't shipping them off to some other new paid streaming service.

8) Harry Smith: Happy birthday to Smith, who turns 71. Good for him, but to be honest, I kinda thought he would be in his nineties by now.

9) Saturn Awards Nominations: BOTNS-era series receiving nods for recent Blu-Ray releases: Kolchak, Night Gallery, Six Million Dollar Man.

10) Anne Heche:

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