Friday, August 5, 2022

This Day in TV History: 50 years ago LAST night (August 4, 1972 Part 1)

Once again, we go back in time with the help of this vintage TV Guide from the BOTNS archives:

It's Friday, August 4, 1972 in the Bay Area (this is a San Francisco edition). Why are we looking at yesterday in history? Well, because yesterday was a podcast release day, and the Guide back then goes Saturday to Friday!

First, you're thinking, Friday night, 1972--Where's Sanford and Son? Well, we've got you covered:

What IS on tonight? Let's go to the listings:

This is a momentous night of television: Look over on the right and see the two-hour movie that launched BOTNS favorite SEARCH

Otherwise, it's an hour of episodic reruns with the exception of Don Adams' Partners on NBC. CBS has David Janssen in O'Hara, U.S. Treasury. The Bradys have the Sergeant Emma episode with Ann B. Davis in a rare dual role (yet not labeled as such in the listing).

On the next page:

Notice CBS' rebroadcast of Something Evil, a Steven Spielberg TV movie with Sandy Dennis. Also, ABC's The Odd Couple has the first appearance of Gloria. And, hey, Aretha Franklin on Room 222!

Next page:

At 10:00, Channel 7 once again pre-empts ABC programming (in this case, Love, American Style) with a look at the 1972 Olympians. At 10:30 CBS has a rerun of The Governor and JJ after the 90-minute movie. ABC has a golf tourney preview at 10:30. 

Look at the NBC stations (3, 4, and 8) after Search. Each one has something different. David Frost Revue is a syndicated sketch comedy series. Portrait of a Star--I can't find any more info on that one, but I assume it's another first-run syndie show. Dr. Simon Locke is a Canadian show that was syndicated in the States and ran 4 seasons and 104 episodes. Known as Police Surgeon in Canada, it has been rerun here on RTN.

Non-network fare includes a broadcast of Top Hat, the Adam West episode of Outer Limits, Them, and a showing of Our Daily Bread on PBS.

For old-school comedy, how about that lineup on Merv Griffin? And I don't know anything else about that Phil Silvers/Carry On movie at 11:00. Follow that Camel!

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